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Adam Bada (translation: bad people), those who ridicule others because they are different and or have a distinct look. People who exclude others and or deceive them.


In 2013, Sara (singer/songwriter) under the stage name 'Adam Bada', decided to give a voice to the people who are different and give them an inner dare to speak for themselves. Those people who mean well for everyone and yet are often deceived by others. With her remarkable style, she wants to be able to change all the rules that applies for a contemporary person. She wants to create courage and hope for anyone who thinks that "Enough is Enough".

"When your desires are strong enough, you will Appear to possess superhuman powers to achieve." Quote by Napoleon Hill





She is an Iranian singer/songwriter who has deliverd the 'first' new Iranian Dubstep style and therewith presented a new style to Iranians. In the coming period, as a pioneer, she will be continuing giving shape to Iranian music style. It is obvious that she tries in the context of her music, to add extra attention to daily issues and bring that under attention.



She wants to extend a hand to those who are alone. To be a support for those who need that extra push in the back to say "Enough is Enough" and to change their lives permanently.
She will stand behind those people who have no hope left and feel that they have been made worthless. She will party with those who want to and or have changed their lives. She wants to encourage peaple to stand up for their friends. She wants to look back and share experiences, especially with those who have become 'the boss' of their lives. Her music is a feast for those who despite all setbacks found success and a push in the back for those who yet have to hit back.

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